In the tone of Frank Stella's pieces, I think it's high time for the Modern Blog to harness that playful and lively spirit for a new twist on the old-fashioned game of savenger hunt.

"FIND ME:" is the modern's modern redition.  The directions are simple, for those of you who have never gotten your savenger-hunt on. (1) Decipher the clues. (2) Locate and/or identify the object to which the clues refer. (3) and Voila! a savenger-hunt well-played.The prizes include self-satisfaction, tid bits about the Modern's collection and an infinite gain of modern art knowledge. Answers should be posted one week later, just to give you enough time to decode.

So here is one to get the ball rolling...

FIND ME: I am in four parts, you might start a 3rd grade joke with me, "what's black, white and red all over?", but I am no sunburned zebra. Find me and we'll cheers over coffee.