FIND ME: "Cuartos Veces"
Posted by Casey on March 3, 2009 - 2:29pm
Categories: FIND ME, On the Walls

Last week's FIND ME: was infinitely much easier than the prior two weeks, and your responses proved that. But just between you and me, we secretly just wanted to know that you where actually playing along or at least paying attention.

So, bear with us, as we are still formulating the rules and prizes for FIND ME In the future we will be limiting the prizes to be given to only 5 correct answers, which will be randomly selected from all the correct answers.  Remember send your answer to

FIND ME: I am minimal in nature. I am divided in two and composed of only two elements (one of which can be found on the periodic table, but the second is an alloy for those of you chemistry nuts). Find me but, Focus! Don't be distracted by the Echo or I'll be missed.

The answer to February 25's FIND ME is:

Andy Warhol's Twenty-Five Colored Marilyns, 1962.