FIND ME: Spring Break Edition
Posted by Casey on March 19, 2009 - 2:36pm
Categories: FIND ME, On the Walls

Now that I am back from my spring vacation, it is time for another FIND ME

This week we are going to spice it up a bit and randomly select three correct answers to win a fancy set of postcards of works from our collection.  Send your answers to and if you win, we will let you know next week.

FIND ME:   I am the salt spray through your hair.  You might want to break out the surfboards, or maybe the life jackets depending on your sense of adventure.  I am right around the corner from an explosion in a modern shingle factory and come a few years after an Italian Superamerica.  FIND ME and I will show you several other shades of grey.

The answer to last week's FIND ME:

Milton Avery, Dune Bushes, 1958