Martin Puryear
American, born 1941

Wood (ash and maple)
432 x 22 3/4 (narrowing to 1 1/4 at top) x 3 inches

Ladder for Booker T. Washington will not be on view from mid-August, 2013 through mid-Janaury 2014.

What excited me about [the piece] was that the length of it was such that you wouldn’t really be able to tell whether you were looking at something that had been manipulated or whether it was in fact truly receding into space through sheer length. — Martin Puryear

A master woodworker who studied carpentry, Martin Puryear makes expressive sculpture that often reveals a humble focus on human touch and the craft tradition of...

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Martin Puryear
American, born 1941

Painted pine
50 x 62 x 8 inches

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