Apr 06, 2014 - Jun 01, 2014

Conceptual artist Rirkrit Tiravanija (pronounced Rick-rit Tee-rah-vah-nit), born in 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, grew up living between Thailand, Ethiopia, and Canada as the son of a Thai diplomat. His grandmother played an important role in his life. She taught cooking on Thai television and owned a restaurant in Bangkok, where Tiravanija spent time as a youth. This background influenced the artist’s work, which often involves cooking in art-related places, such as museums and galleries.

May 17, 2014

"Trio of Perspectives: Caviar & Bordeaux"

Gary Levinson, violin
Anthony Ross, cello
Dina Ugorskaja, piano

Ravel: Piano Trio
Fauré: Sonata in A minor, No.1
Rachmaninoff: Elegiac Trio
Rachmaninoff: Cello Sonata

May 17, 2014

“It moves with the rhythms and emotions of classic kids' literature, possesses elegance and belly laughs in equal measure, and is almost magically beautiful to look at. And, like bears, it has bite.” Ty Burr, The Boston Globe.

Oscar-nominated Ernest and Celestine is a charming French-Belgium animated film about a bear and a mouse who forge an unlikely friendship.

80 minutes; PG; English