The Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series

The Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series
  • August 15, 2013 - 1:00pm

1 pm– 2 pm (Ages 8–12)

The story of a king who only wants to make his unhappy daughter smile. Created by Sun Jae Lee at CalArts.

PLUG (3 min, E. Lee)
A young boy experiences the colorful world of Jazz. Created by Eusong Lee at CalArts.

HUM (9 min, Pederson)
The small turntable headed robot ‘Hum’ sits left alone in an old workshop, where he decides to create a friend to have fun with. Created by Søren Bendt Pederson at the Animation Workshop.

THE ME BIRD (3 min, 18Bis)
A free interpretation of the homonym poem by Pablo Neruda. Created by 18Bis.

The making of THE ME BIRD (1 min, 18Bis)
The technique used to create the wonderful animation of THE ME BIRD. Created by 18Bis.

A personal insight into the life of the director, who struggles with asserting herself, and strives to learn how to keep from being “too nice.” Created by Jean Yi.

HUNT (2 min, Price)
This animation uses watercolor and ballpoint pen to create a beautiful 2D depiction of a tiger’s hunt. Created by Taylor Price.

ON THE WATER (8 min, Zhao)
Follow the migration of a group of characters traveling on the water, and their struggle for safe passage. Created by Yi Zhao.

OUT OF THE ORDINARY (8 min, Kinnerup)
A middle-aged man lives a life of routines, clinging to a long desired promotion, until the day his computer and coffee machine decide that there is need for change. Directed by Tommy Kinnerup at the Animation Workshop.

A man and a woman spend their days monitoring the status of a huge robot, day after day, their lives are focused on reaching the next one without an accident. Created by Theresa Latzko.

PHOTOS IN THE WIND (15 min, Hoekzema)
This short documentary follows the citizens of Joplin, Missouri, who have collected thousands of photos that were scattered during the storm and hope to return the lost memories to their rightful owners. The director will be in attendance to answer questions about the making of the film.

Artist Biography – Abbey Hoekzema is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech with a B.A. in Communications and a B.S. in Marketing Management. As a passionate photographer, she is concerned with the preservation of family images and videos. Her film interests include altruism, nature conservation, unique characters, education, and travel.

Films are shown in the auditorium at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Admission is free and open to the public. Seating is limited to the first 250 guests. The age ranges listed below are recommendations.Gallery admission is free for film attendees and adult chaperone on the day of the film.

The Modern and the Lone Star Film Society join forces again this summer to offer a special selection of creative films for children ages three and up. 

Take a break from the Texas heat and join us for The 2013 Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series! Share the art of the screen with your children through these  delightful and innovative films. The bonus for seeing these films at the Modern is the opportunity to visit the galleries before or after and experience the wonder of the art as stories unfold and ideas form in paintings, sculptures, installations and videos from the permanent collection.

Make a full day of creative and thoughtful activities at the Modern. Self guided gallery projects, and fun post-screening conversations make the perfect partner to the films in the Summer Flicks Series.