The Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series

The Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series
  • August 13, 2013 - 1:00pm

1 pm – 2 pm (Ages 8–12) 

BELOW (3 min, Price)
In the harsh winter weather a man fishing for his food is pulled into a dangerous situation, only to be saved by an unlikely, smiling creature. Created by Taylor Price at CalArts.

BOTTLE (6 min, Lepore)
Two characters on opposite sides of the ocean send each other messages in a bottle. This beautiful stop motion animation lends emotion to otherwise inanimate objects. Created by Kirsten Lepore.

WING (5 min, Grevil, Madsen, Kirkegaard & Bech)
A solitary, one winged creature called Wing is harassed by a group of oppressive crows due to being different. With the help of a friend, Wing is able to conquer his fear and the skies. Created by Asger Grevil, Mette V. Madsen, Jonas Kirkegaard, Michael Bech at the Animation Workshop.

FOLKSONGS & BALLADS (8 min, Vernerie, Defachelles & Paul)
A contemplative and meditative look at a day in the life of a fisherman preparing for his work. Created by Mathieu Vernerie, Pauline Defachelles, and Rémy Paul.

HOLY SHEEP (2 min, Farris)
The story of a shepherd who can’t get his sheep to stay put. Created by Justin Farris.

HELMET (4 min, Bamford)
A space explorer investigates a mysterious ladder found in the desert of a faraway planet. Created by Jen Bamford.

PIGEON: IMPOSSIBLE (6 min, Martell)
A rookie secret agent is faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase. Created by Lucas Martell.

GIRL AND ROBOT (4 min, Jakobsen, Haunstrup, Wallmark, & Reese)
An impatient girl takes on the task of building a robot. Can she complete it without destroying her own creation? Created by Mads Dam Jakobsen, Kenneth Haunstrup, Nils Henric Wallmark, and Slaven Reese at the Animation Workshop.

3,000 ACRES (9 min, Cater)
On 3,000 Acres, a young boy, trained in the art of auctioneering explores the ranch he loves and allows the audience to walk a day in his boots. The director will be in attendance to answer questions about the making of the film.
Artist Bio - Lauren Cater was born in a small town called Minneola, Texas. She received her BA from the University of North Texas and is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in documentary production. She hopes to create films that reflect complex character and situations that are relatable to all people.

Films are shown in the auditorium at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Admission is free and open to the public. Seating is limited to the first 250 guests. The age ranges listed below are recommendations.Gallery admission is free for film attendees and adult chaperone on the day of the film.

The Modern and the Lone Star Film Society join forces again this summer to offer a special selection of creative films for children ages three and up. 

Take a break from the Texas heat and join us for The 2013 Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series! Share the art of the screen with your children through these  delightful and innovative films. The bonus for seeing these films at the Modern is the opportunity to visit the galleries before or after and experience the wonder of the art as stories unfold and ideas form in paintings, sculptures, installations and videos from the permanent collection.

Make a full day of creative and thoughtful activities at the Modern. Self guided gallery projects, and fun post-screening conversations make the perfect partner to the films in the Summer Flicks Series.