The Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series

The Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series
  • August 14, 2013 - 1:00pm

1 pm – 2 pm (Ages 8–12)

Studies in male profiles, from Albrecht Dürer’s Four Books On Human Proportion is transformed by Pablo Garcia’s method of Profilography in this incredible example of progressive artistic techniques. Created by Pablo Garcia.

FRANKIE RULEZ!!! (5 min, Charoenchal)
Frankie, a space alien looking to conquer the galaxy one mysterious planet at a time. Created by San Charoenchal.

WILL (5 min, E. Lee)
A young girl remembers the last moments she had with her father before the attacks of 9/11. Created by Eusong Lee at CalArts.

SHAPE (3 min, E. Lee)
In this short animation, shapes become characters as they transform each other through movement. Created by Eusong Lee at CalArts.

TAG (2 min, Avillanoza)
Two children in a classroom learn to play and share in their own way. Created by Andre Avillanoza.

ODD SOUND OUT (7 min, Sihm, Andreasen, Brøns-Frandersen, Slamnjakovic.)
In a world where sounds take form and develop the mood of the world, a man struggles with his odd sound. Created by Pernille Sihm, Ida Maria Schouw Andreasen, Ditte Brøns-Frandsen, Aida Slamnjakovich, and Aimall Sharifi.

A young salesman arrives in a sleepy town where what he has to sell may be less than the citizens are hoping for. Directed by Jaime Maestro at the Primer Frame School of Animation.

CAN WE BE HAPPY NOW (3 min, Gehm)
A man in a grey, drab world is awakened to the beauty and happiness of the real world around him, as the spirits of nature take him on an adventure. Created by Tahnee Gehm at CalArts.

SWELTER (3 min, Streilein)
In a future world, a man and his son travel through the incredible heat looking for water and a way to survive. Created by Jacob Streilein at CalArts.

CRAYON DRAGON (3 min, Pantoja)
A girl is commissioned to paint over an old concrete illustration, in which to her surprise, she sinks into. She befriends a painted dragon that has a missing wing. Created by Toniko Pantoja at CalArts.

This film explores the personality of a young girl who is being homeschooled by her parents. Young Ana Maria takes part in learning why her parents have decided to take control of her education. The director will be in attendance to answer questions about the making of the film.
Artist Biography – Tingting Li received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas. She has directed multiple short documentary films that focus on childhood education.


Films are shown in the auditorium at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Admission is free and open to the public. Seating is limited to the first 250 guests. The age ranges listed below are recommendations.Gallery admission is free for film attendees and adult chaperone on the day of the film.

The Modern and the Lone Star Film Society join forces again this summer to offer a special selection of creative films for children ages three and up. 

Take a break from the Texas heat and join us for The 2013 Modern Kids - Summer Flicks Series! Share the art of the screen with your children through these  delightful and innovative films. The bonus for seeing these films at the Modern is the opportunity to visit the galleries before or after and experience the wonder of the art as stories unfold and ideas form in paintings, sculptures, installations and videos from the permanent collection.

Make a full day of creative and thoughtful activities at the Modern. Self guided gallery projects, and fun post-screening conversations make the perfect partner to the films in the Summer Flicks Series.