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February 10 marked our third T/AP meeting with Rebecca Carter. We started the day by viewing Jenny Holzer’s installation Kind of Blue, 2012. As a textual work, this particular piece from the Modern’s permanent collection offered the teen artists an example of how to approach, design, and execute their signage projects.

Rebecca led the students in a discussion of the Holzer installation—its formal qualities, its siting in the gallery near reflective surfaces, its two-story viewing space, its color, and the text itself.

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On Sunday, February 3, the teen artists spent quite a bit of time with Rebecca Carter discussing ideas for their upcoming signage projects. As requested, the teen artists provided photographs of signage they each came across in the past week. Spending the first part of class narrowly focusing on the signage present in the photographs really got things in gear. The relationships between image and text, the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated words, and the effectiveness of fonts and typographic choices became the conversation for the day.

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This past Sunday marked the first of several with our newest artist mentor, Rebecca Carter. We began with an introduction to Rebecca’s past and recent work, discussing her installations and the subjectivity of the self and body. Especially relevant was her focus on split subjectivity—the subjective difference between “I” and “me.” Continuing her presentation with a quick dabble in Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis, she showed us her work concerning text and textiles.

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Sunday, January 13, turned out to be a very special day for the teen artists. They were afforded the opportunity to engage with the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in a way that only a very select few artists and patrons can: the teen artists were permitted to draw on the museum's walls!

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Happy New Year! It is 2013, and Teen/Artist Project is back in action. For our first meeting after the winter break, Gregory Ruppe (a leader of the Fort Worth art collective known as HOMECOMING! Committee) joined us to teach our teen artists about casting from molds. Joining Greg for a presentation on his work and exhibitions, we learned of some of his motivations as an artist: exploring cross-cultural idiosyncrasies, cultural myths, and obsessiveness (to name a few).

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December 16 marks the last T/AP meeting before we see each other again in 2013. And what a way to end the semester…

Our teen artists had the opportunity to work with the very talented Sally Glass, a CentralTrak Artist in Residence with a background in photography and an art practice that includes recontextualizing everyday objects. In preparation for the day’s project, Sally brought along a supply of ordinary things.

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This week’s meeting of T/AP saw a change of pace. For the next four sessions, the teen artists will work with a different artist each class to complete several one-day projects. Our December 9 class was led by the Modern’s Assistant Curator of Education, Nathan Green. Nathan began with a brief lecture about the artist Mark Bradford, then presented an interview with the artist from Art:21, PBS’s award-winning educational series about contemporary artists.

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December 2 was T/AP’s final day with Iris Bechtol. The students were tasked with completing their Merzbau-inspired projects. Using corrugated cardboard, colored tape, and other available media, the teen artists constructed works that were modular and easy to both assemble and disassemble.

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Our T/AP meeting for 18 November began with Iris leading a critique of everyone’s work from the previous week. Everyone took turns discussing the motivations behind their projects—explaining their inspirations and methodological approaches while receiving critical feedback and helpful commentary from fellow students.

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Our November 11 meeting began with the students continuing to work on the 3D projects they started last week using Bristol board, masking tape, and glue.

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It is the beginning of November and T/AP is glad to welcome our second artist, Iris Bechtol! Starting the day with brief introductions, Iris delivered a short presentation about her work to familiarize us with her thought processes and methodologies.

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T/AP students spent their day with artist Heyd Fontenot in the lab working on a set of final drawings. After Heyd explained the assignment, students spent the rest of the class time rendering a portrait as the culmination of their figure-drawing skills so far.

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The month of October has been a busy one for us here at the Modern’s Teen/Artist Project!  Acclaimed artist Heyd Fontenot has been working with our students to develop and hone their figure-drawing skills in conjunction with Lucian Freud: Portraits.

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This week we met James Hough, a.k.a. Jim Public. Class began with an overview of the upcoming weeks. The project we are working on consists of 3 stages. The 1st stage, which we began this week, focuses on Line, Shape, and Space. Before getting started on our art-making, we spent some time as a group in the gallery.

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Our time with Michelle Mackey has flown by way too fast!