2009 Art Camp 5-7 yr olds
Posted by Tiffany on June 17, 2009 - 9:54am
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Art Campers in front of Mark Bradford's, Helter Skelter II, 2007

Art Camp instructors, Iris Bechtol and Stephen Lapthisophon, had their hands full with a camp of 32 energetic 5-7 year olds. 

Half of the campers' days were spent in the galleries, looking, drawing, thinking, and making 'choo-choo' train noises.  They looked at many artists in the Modern's collection, such as, Morris Louis, Robert Motherwell, Larry Bell, Hamish Fulton, Michelangelo Pistelleto, and a consistent favorite with the campers, a newly dubbed Mr. "Mandy" Warhol. 

Every day a handful of campers got to sneak off and see the Felix Gonzalez Torres.  This work by Torres is made from a mass of green apple candy and the viewer is invited to take a piece home with them.  It was hard to tell if the campers were more excited about getting to finally touch some of the art or that the art was constructed of candy. 

After a riveting session in the galleries, the campers were corralled and headed back to the studios to start on some exciting projects designed by the artist instructors to correlate with the works that had been discussed in the galleries.  Glue, paper, scissors, and confetti flying, the campers produced works on paper, fabric sculptures, tape and plexi glass cubes, and even their own cardboard museums complete with miniature art works and landscaping assembled from twigs. 

The last day of camp was a flurry as campers finished up their last projects and eagerly rushed down to the lobby to meet their families.  A quick tour of the galleries ensued, followed by a walk through of the campers' own exhibition installed on the hall walls in the education department. Thank yous and farewells were given as campers and their families began to trickle out, eager for next summer and another enthralling art camp.


This video is a short conversation between Iris Bechtol and Stephen Lapthisophon discussing the art camp experience. [Editor's note: If you want to follow along with the art campers all summer, our education department has their own flickr stream for all of their camps and programs. Check it out here.]