When I was given the option to watch and photograph the unpacking of Martin Puryear's Desire, from 1981, I jumped at the chance. Being able to see how this sculpture is put together only enhances the viewing experience of the final product.

After only a few minutes, I notice that Puryear himself is here, watching, thinking.

He walks over to his bag of tricks and pulls out this 12" blade. He then picks up one of the arches that forms the big wheel at one end of Desire and starts cutting off two small circular objects that sit at the bottom holding the wheel in place.

"These things were a little too big," he says reassuringly to the courier representing the Panza Collection that actually owns the piece.

All of this is to say that this show promises to be eye-opening if you've never experienced the power of sculpture. Its presence in space simply cannot be matched by two-dimensional pieces.

For more photos of the installation of Desire, go here.


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