Posted by Terri Thornton on March 22, 2017 - 11:50am

The key Public Movement strategy has to do with the concept that politics exist inside of our bodies as an often dormant knowledge.” Alhena Katsof

Alhena Katsof’s Tuesday Evenings presentation immediately revealed her to be a gracious individual whose accomplishments as a scholar and artist are remarkable. She clearly takes seriously her responsibilities as the Director of Strategy and Protocol for the Israeli performance research group Public Movement, and as the group’s representation within the context of her presentation.

Focusing primarily on Public Movement, the delivery and content of Katsof’s lecture were measured, incredibly nuanced, and thoughtful. By informing us of the complexity, structure, purpose, and practice of Public Movement, the presentation offered great insight into notions of past and present, oral tradition, what Katsof refers to as “civic choreographies,” crowd behavior and encounters, the cultural consequences of institutional structures (“in this museum there is a country and in this country there is a museum”), the realities of nationality and heritage, and so much more.

While political in nature, this presentation, like the work of Public Movement, raised important and compelling questions without proposing answers.

View Alhena Katsof’s lecture here.

Image credit: Public Movement, National Collection, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2015 
Photo by Oz Moalem