A fond look back at Tuesday Evenings at the Modern: from then to now
Posted by Terri on February 26, 2015 - 9:19am

Tuesday Evenings began in the fall of 1991 and grew out of an effort to make the Modern more available to its public and to include that public in a conversation about current art-related ideas and events within the Metroplex and beyond. I attended the lectures before working at the Modern, but developed a keen relationship with the program when I became Curator of Education in November 1994. Organizing Tuesday Evenings was one of many exciting challenges when I began the job, but it was also one of my favorites—and it still is.

This long-standing series has evolved through the years, by design and circumstance. It is a point of pride that the lectures, which are not inexpensive to conduct, have always been free and open to the public. The weekly series, with ten presentations each fall and ten each spring for more than twenty years now, has put students, artists, academics, and a faithful and curious general public from across the region in direct contact with some of the world’s most important intellects in the fields of art and architecture.

As the series developed its identity, determining the right artists and scholars to invite each season became a natural process. The invitation to the speakers has always been to present a topic of their choosing, which has made for a rich and varied program. This variety is important in maintaining a sense of anticipation and discovery for the audience. There is occasionally a loose plan for a season, based on what is showing in the galleries or local events, but generally the line-up is not prescribed. The speakers are chosen simply to bring together unique and intriguing work and thoughts through fascinating individuals over a ten-week time span. As a result, threads can be perceived and patterns recognized, adding to the interest of each season.

I have decided to revisit past lectures through this blog and to invite you to recall your personal experiences with various “evenings” or to visit the archive to discover lectures you missed. My hope is that we start a conversation, dig up past realizations that reinforce or spark new ones, and enhance the discourses Tuesday Evenings at the Modern was designed to encourage.

I’m counting on participation through comments and requests because this blog will function best as a conversation, a salon of sorts. So join in if you are so inclined. Looking forward to where looking back takes us.