And then there were Ten Pages
Posted by Christine B. on September 10, 2009 - 2:03pm
Categories: Within the Walls

The Ten Pages assembly line is gathered in the classroom and just looked to me like it needed to be photographed. Pages are added according to the remnants other programs have left behind. No two Ten Pages are the same, each is assembled differently.  Here are some of my favorite pages this month.

Maps. Need I say more? Maps are a favorite to include. This one has beautiful line quality delineating depths of water. Grid paper never lets you down but blue lined grid paper is calming and serene for some reason.

The dependable yellow legal pad is always a good addition and its more subdued cousin the cream coloured writing tablet.

There are papers that remind us of our youth, either High School or perhaps the early days of elementary. 

Sometimes a symbol says it all and simultaneously allows us to complete the sentence. But then again who doesn’t like a sticker? And sometimes printing out too many copies of page 10 is a happy mistake.

Then there are pages that are just plain fun such as a rollercoaster image. And other pages that require a little more effort but are totally worth the struggle such as “Fill in all the letters with enclosed spaces” from a random section of the New York Times.

So that is the round up of pages for Ten Pages this month. If you happen to find a great 8 1/2” x 11” paper to add to Ten Pages send us an image. Or mail us a copy if you happen to have xeroxed too many! Who knows, we might include it in the next assembly line of Ten Pages.

*Ten Pages is a sketchbook for children of all ages and is available at the front desk during regular operating hours.