Andy Warhol
Posted by Rueben on August 10, 2007 - 4:10pm
Categories: On the Walls

As you walk up the grand staircase to the second level of The Modern, you come upon a black and green guardian. Andy Warhol’s large self portrait pierces you and gives a mix of feelings of uneasiness, sorrow and anger.

But where does all this emotion come from? Could Warhol’s portrait be a vain attempt to be the center of attention amongst the many pieces here at The Modern? Could this be a cry to a take a closer look at the emotion and uncertainty of an aging man? In a society where looks, wealth and vanity play an important, yet unjust, role in a Manhattan pop-art society, one can only hope that there is a real story behind every artist and his creation.

I urge patrons to not only enjoy the aesthetics of the art here at the Modern, but also to take a deeper look into the artist’s personal lives and stories they have to share. You’ll be surprised to find that many of the artists here do more than just what is represented in the gallery. A painter could also be a sculptor, a photographer a graphic designer, a designer an editor of a magazine. So Google, or Wikipedia an artist today and expand your experience at The Modern!