Drawing is Back!
Posted by Erin on February 1, 2007 - 12:54pm
Categories: On the Walls

There a new FOCUS show opening this weekend at the Modern; one that focuses on drawing, plain and simple. It is refreshing to see work that is both rigorously crafted and meticulously executed. These finely detailed drawings from the young Berlin based artist, Ralf Ziervogel, seem to have a magnetic force field surrounding them. Their tiny preciousness draws the eye toward them for closer inspection, beckoning the viewer to scrutinize each and every hash mark and detail. Questions are immediately raised. Is there a narrative unfolding? How are we implicated in these scenes? How is each piece of the visual puzzle interconnected to form a larger whole?

Ziervogel’s pen and ink compositions are so tightly knit, so intricately structured, one marvels at this artist’s abilities as a draughtsman. Though Ziervogel does have statements regarding the subject matter of his images, what I enjoy about them is their openness to interpretation. The viewer is able to glean individual meaning from these tightly spun, stark black on white, worlds. Though I have not yet seen the exhibition installed, I have had the chance to closely examine several new drawings. As is always the case, first hand contact with the work is a thousand times better than seeing its likeness in catalogues and reproductions. Images I previously saw as interesting and definitely difficult to technically pull off now have my full attention. I am eager to see what the full show looks like this weekend, and I hope others make the effort to come visit these works in the short time they are on display.

FOCUS Exhibition dates: February 04, 2007 - April 01, 2007

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