Indulge Magazine Fall Fashion shoot
Posted by Rueben on September 14, 2007 - 10:27am
Categories: Beyond the Walls

I consider myself a seasoned photographer. I know all the rules and regulations, expectations and stipulations that go along with what one should expect from a fashion shoot, especially one for fall clothes in the middle of a Texas summer.

The Modern often plays host to a variety of companies needing the grounds for photo opportunities. A few weeks ago, Indulge Magazine, a glossy publication that comes directly to households and upscale businesses, visited us with the hopes of getting a fall feel in what seemed like hundred degree weather. I had the pleasure of getting to The Modern at seven thirty a.m. in order to document the happenings of an editorial fashion shoot. As a photography major at UTA whose focus is on fashion, this was more of a treat than work.

Editor? Check. Assistant? Check. Make-up and hair artist and staff photographer? Double check. Model…?

Where’s the model?! Ah! Check.

The Indulge team was all there to begin the shoot. There were Neiman Marcus bags lined up next to a rack of blousy, shiny, articles of clothing, half of which would only be acceptable for an editorial cover. You can’t exactly wear a fabulous Mod style gold dress. (Well, unless you’re Twiggy.) An hour later the model was ready to take her first mark.

The best thing about shooting in the summer is that light metering is minimal due to all the great natural light. Also equipment was minimal as well. With one tiny strobe used to top or backlight the model, the shoot was seemingly laid back. I was relieved yet surprised.

The model did a good job of directing herself, with little direction from the photographer. I was not used to this, as to me, the photographer equals the director. But in watching over and taking documentation photos, it worked well for them. The communication was great and the model was in tune with her surroundings. I am more than sure that the shoot was a success, as they were racing against the heat and the sun to get good shots in the shade that was available.