Last chance for Singer
Posted by Dustin on January 25, 2008 - 1:13pm
Categories: On the Walls

Those of you who have been to the museum in the last few months might have noticed that there is something different in the gallery normally occupied by Martin Puryear's Ladder for Booker T. Washington. Michael Singer's First Gate Ritual Series 10/78, from 1978 has been getting some nice gallery time while the Puryear is in New York for the Martin Puryear exhibition at MoMA.

Well, the ladder is on its way back to Fort Worth after its time in the Big Apple, so this is your last chance to see the Singer before our installation crew begins the laborious process of deinstalling it.

A few weeks ago, Leslie wrote this nice little bit about the Singer:

While our Ladder for Booker T. Washington, 1996, is in New York as part of the Martin Puryear retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, Michael Singer's First Gate Ritual Series 10/78, 1978, has been installed in the concrete gallery usually reserved for the Ladder. Because I’m so used to seeing Puryear’s Ladder in that space, I tend to notice the similarities between them – the use of natural and simple materials, a larger-than-life presence, and a sense of weightlessness. Singer’s sculpture seems to defy gravity as reeds and thin boards are carefully criss-crossed in a precarious tension between the horizontal and vertical, but it also conveys a sense of unity and balance with each element dependent upon the others to maintain the overall structure.

Though presented in what essentially amounts to a gallery-sized concrete box, the sculpture defies the heavy enclosure of the space and sustains a sense of life and growth. Singer’s practice of creating outdoor sculpture comprised of materials found at the site is referenced here, with the allusions to living nature almost convincing you there’s a breeze in the room.

Here is a video of the installation of the sculpture. The installation took the better part of three days and was fascinating to watch.