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Posted by Modern Staff on May 31, 2012 - 4:11pm
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Every Thursday, the writers of the Modern Blog share a few items of interest that they've come across online. These links will generally relate to art, museums, artists, or perhaps they brought up ideas and concepts which we found worth exploring. Enjoy!

  • The Huffington Post featured some really cool photographs by Mark Mawson, which he calls his "Aqueous Electreau" series.
  • An interesting riff on graffiti art: UK artist Ben Long creates intricate "graffiti" using only his finger and the dust-covered backs of white haulage trucks as part of his Great Travelling Art Exhibition project.
  • Architect Moshe Safdie has been interviewed in the latest Vanity Fair, giving his thoughts on "starchitects", modern architecture, and his agreements/disagreements with fellow architects Louis I. Kahn and Philip Johnson.
  • Touching on some of the same themes regarding modernist architecture, Matt Fajkus discusses Tati’s Playtime in Pastelegram.