Our amazing installation crew
Posted by Dustin on February 2, 2007 - 5:37pm
Categories: Behind the Walls

Excuse me while I commit a little institutional self-congratulatory praising. Our installation crew is incredible. They have been working umpteen hour days since Sunday night to rotate the FOCUS: Chinatsu Ban exhibition out and the FOCUS: Ralf Ziervogel exhibtion in. And trust me, rotate sounds like the understatement of the century. Every gallery in this show was an undertaking and the job they have done is remarkable, especially considering the time frame they had to work with. So many kudos go out to Tony, Rob, and the rest of the crew. Please come out and see how incredible this show looks. As Erin has already touched upon, Ziervogel's work must be seen in person. The image above is of the crew hard at work. Look for more images next week.

Update: To give credit where credit is due, the rest of the crew is Steve, Patrick, Darren, Jeff, Edgar, and Jesus.