Rain, Rain, Rain...
Posted by Christine B. on September 15, 2009 - 9:56am
Categories: Beyond the Walls


It has been raining here in Fort Worth for the past four days. Looking out my office window this morning the sky to the south looks ominous. I don’t mind the rain, in fact, I love it. It rains so little here in Texas during the summer that when it does rain, it washes away all my hasty thoughts about moving to a northern climate with four seasons and more predictable rain patterns.

The lovely thing about Texas when it does rain is that it comes in torrents. Well, maybe that isn’t lovely but it is spectacular to watch as rivers, yes, rivers of water tear down the street. After the torrent of rain, my son and I love to wade in the calmer waters of gentle streams along the curbs of our street to collect worms, run our hands through accumulated mounds of sand, gather rocks that were too big to wash away and if lucky enough, find treasures from our journey.

Above is one such treasure. I couldn’t resist posting this as an extension of Terri’s previous blog post inviting images of flattened objects and as an obvious reference to Cornelia Parker’s work, Rorschach (Endless Column I), floating patiently in the galleries, thankfully unaffected by the weather.