Oct 16, 2018 - Apr 04, 2019

The Modern maintains one of the foremost collections of modern and contemporary international art in the central United States. Various movements, themes, and styles are represented, including Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting, Pop art, and Minimalism, as well as aspects of New Image Painting from the 1970s and beyond, recent developments in abstraction and figurative sculpture, and contemporary movements in photography, video, and digital imagery.

Jan 26, 2019 - Apr 14, 2019

The photographs of Ghent-based Dirk Braeckman (b. 1958, Eeklo, Belgium) have a distinct stillness and quietude that counter the whirl of today’s visual landscape. Images of empty, unidentifiable interiors, architectural details, oceans, and partially obscured nude figures are just some examples of the artist’s subject matter. Braeckman’s deeply gray photographs are often abstracted, contributing to the mystery and intrigue of what his images convey while adding a sense of distance to the intimate interiors and views he depicts.

Cafe Modern
Jan 31, 2019

First Course
Oaxaqueno Yuca & Pork Tamale, Tomatillo Pepian Sauce
Wahaka, Espadín

Second Course
Shrimp Tlayuda with Black Beans, Chile Chicatanas Peanut Sauce, Red Cabbage, Queso Fresco
Wahaka, Tobalá

Third Course
Picadillo Stuffed Onions, Istmena Tomato Sauce, Crema Oaxaca
Wahaka, Madre-Cuishe