Sep 07, 2019 - Feb 02, 2020

The Modern presents Julie Bozzi’s American Food, 1980–92, acquired by the Museum for the permanent collection in 2019. Bozzi’s sculptural installation consists of an oak cabinet with 13 drawers, 12 of which contain miniature reproductions of American food products, each carefully handmade by the artist and displayed under glass, like scientific specimens from a natural history museum. The food items are categorized into distinct genres, including cereals, snack cakes, and breakfast meats, which are indexed in the 13th drawer.

Oct 01, 2019


What happens to our bodies when the camera touches us and looks at us? Who is watching and who is returning that look? How is a body torn apart audio visually? Does the staging of the real devour the real? What is a woman? Where does the idea end and the stereotype begin?