Jan 17, 2020 - Mar 29, 2020

Ruckus Rodeo, 1975–76, by the New York–based artist Red Grooms, will be presented at the Modern to coincide with the 2020 Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. Grooms’s immense, walk-through work of art covers 1,237 square feet of gallery space. This “sculpto-pictorama,” as Grooms has referred to it, consists of painted two-dimensional surfaces and sculptural three-dimensional figures that celebrate the Fort Worth rodeo.

Jan 24, 2020 - Mar 15, 2020

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth presents Hrair Sarkissian’s (born 1973, Damascus, Syria) debut solo exhibition in Texas. Featuring three major works, FOCUS: Hrair Sarkissian explores how violence can be made invisible, histories of erasure and restitution, and the sediments of conflict. At the heart of the show is one of the artist’s most recent works, Final Flight, 2018–19. Here, Sarkissian investigates the story of the endangered northern bald ibis, one of the rarest birds in the world and the living descendants of birds depicted in the oldest Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Cafe Modern
Feb 25, 2020

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Member Event
Feb 25, 2020

This annual collection visit is a treasured benefit to members at the Donor’s Circle level ($2,500+) and above. Members are invited to explore a private art collection in Fort Worth and hear directly from the collectors. For information about this year’s visit, please email membership@themodern.org or call 817.840.2115.

Feb 25, 2020


This nuanced fusion of the intellect and sensual experience is precisely what York achieves. In doing so, she takes Minimalism past the post, and into a realm of her own. Lucy Lippard, Susan York: 3 Columns