Installation of Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love is in full swing. Shows like this that require large amounts of construction amaze me. The first floor galleries are foreign to me right now. Having walked around this building for the better part of 6 years, you get to know the nooks and corners like the back of your hand. When new walls are constructed for an exhibition, it completely changes the space. What strikes me though, is that it isn't so much jarring as it is intriguing. The reconfigured spaces make me investigate the space in a new light, or quite literally, a new perspective.

So there isn't any art on the walls yet, but that isn't too far away. Right now, the crew is mainly constructing the new spaces for the art. But the walls are pretty beautiful in their own right. The tape and bedding makes a sort of plaid design. The aluminum framing that supports these walls are impressive as well. What gets me the most though is the level of craft of these walls. Of course, we should expect no less at a museum, but these guys have created seamless, flawless 50 foot curved walls 16 feet tall. With the time frame that our crew has to install these shows, I am always amazed at what can be done and how precise and refined their work is.

One more little jewel that I saw in the galleries this morning. As I was walking out, a few crates were being brought in. Aside from all of the standard cautionary words and directional instructions, there was this little stencil (left) on the center of the crate. This little silhouette.

I always love to see the little things that artists put on crates or behind the canvases. It is almost like they are little things they do for themselves (it reminds me of back of one of Chinatsu Ban's paintings, here is a picture). I always wonder what the notepad looks like next to an artist's phone or the margins in their notebooks in high school. Granted this isn't a random doodle, but when I see things like this that are on places like the outside of crates, it makes me smile.

For more of the installation progress, check out our flickr stream. The show opens July 5th and runs through October 19th.