Sustainability & Our Artisan Producers

Our Artisan Producers

Café Modern’s mission is to make sure our ingredients live up to our high expectations.

We source from local family farms and artisan producers who practice traditional, sustainable agriculture whenever possible. From these fresh, seasonal, local ingredients, our chef uses classical culinary techniques that preserve nutrition and maximize healthfulness. The result is a dining experience where local is not a trend but a part of our culture.

Our Artisan Producers

  • Latte da Dairy
  • Strube Ranch
  • Scott’s Farm
  • Palacios Fish
  • Empire Bread
  • Brazos Valley Cheese
  • Vital Farms Eggs
  • Latte da Goat Cheese
  • B&G Farms
  • Texas Prairie Farms

Cafe Modern Sustainable Wine

The wines at Café Modern have been selected for their ability to pair with our cuisine.