3.15.15 with Thomas Feulmer
Posted by TAP on June 30, 2015 - 10:40am

It was an exciting day for the Teen/Artist Project due to a rare opportunity to visit The Warehouse, a private collection space in Dallas. Thomas Feulmer, the curator of education, led a tour of the exhibition Geometries On and Off the Grid: Art from 1950 to the Present. First, Thomas had the students continuously cut a piece of paper until they ran out of material—an activity from the artist Lygia Clark’s Nostalgia of the Body from the 1960s, a series that creates situations involving human senses, stemming from art therapy. The second activity was a test of teamwork. The students took turns putting on a set of five sweatshirts that were sewn together. They had to carry a box up and down the stairs, everyone having at least one finger on the box at all times. It was humorous to watch, and the students enjoyed the experience of unity and teamwork.

Lygia Clark, Caminhando (Walking), 1963–64