5.14.14 Last Day with Matthew Bourbon
Posted by TAP on November 20, 2014 - 4:09pm

Sadly, this Sunday was the last class of the 2013–2014 Teen/Artist Project. The class started with a surprise pizza delivery. After casually chatting over pizza, the teens were tasked with creating a 24” x 36” painting on canvas. The students’ work could deal with any subject matter that they wanted, and they could apply paint to the canvas in any fashion. Matthew was really interested in giving the students freedom but making sure that they were applying some of the techniques learned in previous classes. Throughout the session, the teens critiqued each other and offered feedback in the spirit of an inclusive art community. Even Matthew, Paul, and Nathan were inspired to collaborate on a work. After each student had completed their painting, we discussed each work as a group. Finally, we took a few minutes to reminisce over the last year at the Modern. Students shared their favorite artists, exhibitions, activities, and moments with the class, and they offered feedback about the program. It has been a fantastic year for the Teen/Artist Project, and the Modern wishes each and every student all the best.