A Mold-Making Afternoon
Posted by TAP on August 30, 2011 - 10:53am


Our most recent class with Billy saw us continuing to build and assemble our small sculptures, then move on to making silicone molds. The process was informative and fun, as many students had no previous experience with the process. It was a nice challenge for students to construct suitable armatures for their respective clay models. In the end, all were successful!

Billy began class with a live demonstration of mold-making, followed by one-on-one assistance with making the molds (complete with Smurf-blue gloves!).

Once they got into the mold-making process, the class opted for a full day in the studio so that they could get their bearings using this new technique. Happily, this means more time in the Modern's galleries at our next class, where we'll look at artists in the collection who investigate casting and compression in a variety of often surprising ways.