Bye-Bye Billy
Posted by TAP on September 21, 2011 - 2:15pm

Sadly, this was our last class with Billy Zinser. The time has flown by. We wrapped up our time by putting finishing touches on our plastic casts, spending time in the Modern's galleries, and having a critique.


While some people carved away unwanted pieces of plastic, others painted their cast sculptures, or even made bases for them. Though this was the final day in class to work on these sculptures, everyone was able to take home their silicone molds which allow for an endless amount of reproductions to be made.

The critique at the end of class was a nice way to wrap up the four days of working with Billy. Each of you got a chance to speak about your own work and the inspirations behind it. There was even time to discuss each other's works and give feedback.

Next week we will be fortunate to work with local artist, Michelle Mackey. Check out her website before class on Sunday!