Modern Signage
Posted by TAP on February 13, 2011 - 4:23pm

February 6, 2010: Last week we discussed our pictures from two weeks ago (assignment to take factual pictures of architectural elements, paintings and sculptures).

After choosing 3 of a our favorite images, as a class, we discussed if each grouping was a successful 'factual photograph'. The critique was extremely successful and helped everyone better grasp the idea Justin was trying to relay about what constitutes factual photographs.

(Also, there were so many stunning pictures- great job class!)



After the critique we looked at Ed Ruscha's paintings in 'Road Tested' and then selected on of our photographs and  began to create a large drawing of the photograph over which we juxtaposed text found somewhere else in the museum. To better understand the project we looked specifically at Ruscha's paintings with text embedded or overlaid.

images from

Many students took this project home as homework. (Don't forget to bring it to class today) 

Finally, this was Justin Shull's last class with us. We just want to extend our appreciate for your time and thank you for such insightful projects. We look forward to seeing you and your work in the future!

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