Pouring Plastic
Posted by TAP on September 13, 2011 - 10:13pm

This week, Billy began by passing out the silicone molds and demonstrating the process of creating plastic figures. The process involved a two part solution called Smooth-Cast 325, that can be found at Reynolds Advanced Materialsin Dallas, TX. Early on we saw how color and transparency could affect the final product. Just a small drop of dye would go a long way.With just a few molds, the variety of output was never-ending. 

Generally, art-making is seen as a solitary endeavor, however, this week's class involved a lot of teamwork. Everyone helped each other in a variety of ways including keeping the silicone molds from leaking, mixing colors, pouring the plastic, and even giving feedback and advice on the spot.

Though the process was quite messy, we made a lot of art. As class went on, the idea of what could be cast grew. After making several casts from the silicone molds, rubber gloves were explored as a mold to cast from. Cooper also began to collect the remnants from the used cups. It will be interesting to see how or if those pieces are used to create a work of art.