Within the Walls covers the goings on inside the Modern.

The Up and Down, Back and Forth of Gallery Five

While sitting at my desk, thinking of a passage in William Faulkner’s "As I Lay Dying" concerning the horizontal and vertical in life, death, and art, I conjured up a mental image of the space and art in the fifth gallery...

Poison Tree

Poison Tree from Modern Art Museum of FW on Vimeo.

Vernon Fisher's work, currently on view in Vernon Fisher: K-Mart Conceptualism, is often noted for its allusive quality.

Things I May (Or May Not) Have Learned From Keith Wilson's "Cave and Mountain" Tour of The Modern

1. Tadao Ando’s homage to Marcel Duchamp is...

Tuesday Evenings: Eve Sussman's "whiteonwhite: algorithmicthriller"

Conversation is plentiful after the Eve Sussman|Rufus Corporation presentation...

NO FREE READING: Michael Corris Opens This Fall's Tuesday Evenings

This past Tuesday, in spite of torrential rain and tornado watches, ninety-four undeterred people gathered to hear from artist, writer, and professor Michael Corris. These faithful folks were rewarded with a sometimes dense, often funny, and consistently thoughtful presentation on issues concerning the use of text in contemporary art.

Viewfinder: Concrete

Viewfinder Concrete

Smooth, cold, solid, constant, gray, natural, soft.

Viewfinder: Art Study

Drawing from artists such as Guston, Gerhard, Warhol, and Ruscha, artist Libby Black led students in Art Study last week...

"An Example of Free Thought" : Robert Motherwell and James Joyce

The first work of art that a visitor sees when walking into The Modern's downstairs galleries...

Viewfinder: From Above

A couple of days after I took this photo I stood in his place over the balcony. I expected to be overwhelmed by a large expansive view of the water but instead was surprised and initially...

Artist Background: Ellsworth Kelly (Part 3)

I have often found that to gain a deeper understanding of a work of art, it helps to know its historical context...


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