The Kingmaker

“It's an ugly story shrewdly told, with a sense of humor and also a deeper feeling for history.” Manohla Dargis, New York Times. Centered on the indomitable character of Imelda Marcos, The Kingmaker examines, with intimate access, the Marcos family's improbable return to power in the Philippines. The film explores the disturbing legacy of the Marcos regime and chronicles Imelda's present-day push to help her son, Bongbong, win the vice presidency.

R; 101 minutes

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

“Intriguing from first minute to last.” Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter. This is a mystery in the form of a time capsule. It's about a radical Communist activist who became a fabulously wealthy recluse archivist. Her work was crazy, but it was also genius, and she would pay a profound price for dedicating her life to this visionary and maddening project.

87 minutes



“The artistic evolution [director Trey Edward] Shults is undergoing makes him as exciting as anyone at work -  he's as sharp as the young Darren Aronofsky, and his heart is only growing larger.” Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out. Set against the vibrant landscape of South Florida and featuring an astonishing ensemble of award-winning actors and breakouts alike, Waves traces the epic emotional journey of a suburban African-American family - led by a well-intentioned but domineering father - as they navigate love, forgiveness, and coming together in the aftermath of a loss.

Honey Boy

“It's riveting drama, always existing as a personal, meta piece for a man openly and artistically dealing with his past.” Brian Tallerico, From a screenplay by Shia LaBeouf, based on his own experiences, award-winning filmmaker Alma Har'el brings to life a young actor's stormy childhood and early adult years as he struggles to reconcile with his father through cinema and dreams.

Cyrano, My Love

December 1897, Paris.  Edmond Rostand is not yet thirty but already has two children and too much anxiety.  He has not written anything for two years.  Ignoring the whims of actresses, the demands of his producers, the jealousy of his wife, the stories of his best friend's broken heart and the lack of enthusiasm of all those around him, Edmond must focus and put pen to paper.  For now, he only has the title: "Cyrano de Bergerac".


“Imagine a high-wire act where the acrobat suddenly leaps to a higher wire, then to another that's higher still. It's the best way I can think of to describe the giddy thrill of watching Parasite, a masterpiece of serial surprises.” Joe Morgenstern; The Wall Street Journal.

Iron Orchard Free Screening & Panel

"The Iron Orchard" is the story of Jim McNeely, a young man thrust into the vibrant and brutal West Texas oilfields in 1939, who works his way through the ranks to ultimately become a formidable wildcatter.


What happened between Pope Benedict XI (Anthony Hopkins) and the future Pope Francis (Jonathan Pryce) in the days before Benedict’s decision in 2013 to relinquish the papacy? Like THE QUEEN, THE TWO POPES—briskly directed by Fernando Meirelles (CITY OF GOD), and ingeniously scripted by Andrew McCarten (THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING) weds public record and creative speculation to create a gripping, heartfelt, and surprisingly funny consideration of recent world history.

126 minutes; PG-13


In 2009, the Senate Intelligence Committee opened an investigation into the CIA’s practices in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. What followed was a political battle of wills, both to uncover the truth and to make the findings public. This little-known chapter of recent American history is brought to crackling life by writer-director Scott Z.


The race is on as Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch), George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) and Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult) compete to light up the Chicago World’s Fair with that newfangled invention called electricity. Originally completed in 2017 but shelved after its studio went bankrupt, THE CURRENT WAR: DIRECTOR’S CUT can finally be seen as a smart, delightfully acted and indeed electric history lesson. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (ME EARL AND THE DYING GIRL). 

101 minutes; PG-13


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