The Modern was a little louder than usual on Sunday with over 20 children gathering around artist Iris Bechtol to hear her talk about the art in kid language. We learned that organic shapes can also be called squigglies and that dogs look pretty good when constructed of psychedelic horizontal lines.

The kids crowded around artworks and jotted down ideas for the masterpieces they would create at the end of the tour. Some kids were engrossed in the art. Others however, quickly bored and tried to fight their inner nature of running around. Their parents stepped in when that battle was lost.

Finally, sharing crayons and mat pencils the kids created diverse patterns on two sheets of vellum paper. Some covered the entire sheet with color and others embraced the less is more saying from Mis Van Der Rohe. One by one they each finished their masterpieces and layered them against the window to see the translucent effect vellum offers. I think we may have witnessed some early works of great artists!

Lindsey D.