Ron month in
Posted by Dustin on July 26, 2007 - 1:48pm

So we are a little over one month into the Ron Mueck exhibition here at The Modern and the response has been incredible. Not only are the galleries crowded, but people are spending so much time actually looking at the work.

While we could spend all day focusing on the craft and level of detail of Mueck's work, I am constantly fascinated by the appearance of weight these figures have. To address Mueck's depiction of weight, it is important to note his process. He starts sculpting the figures in clay, then casts that clay form in pigmented fiberglass and silicone. All of the details of the figure are sculpted in the clay form, so the shape of the body and gravity's affect on that form has to be interpreted in that material.

So when you look at pieces in this show like Spooning Couple, take note of how the woman's stomach rests against the surface of the pedestal (here is a picture), or how in Dead Dad, his legs have lost rigidity and rest lifelessly (and another picture). Even more stunning is to understand that these forms are made from fiberglass and are hollow, so depicting these figures to appear heavy and solid in such a lightweight, rigid material is a feat in itself.

For more pictures of Ron Mueck's work check these links out: Here are some pictures of our amazing installation crew installing the show (its on our new Flickr stream, so check back for more). Here is a video of the exhibition shot during the opening. [Quicktime req] And finally check out the Brooklyn Museum's Flickr stream of the show at their venue here.