The Modern Shop
Posted by Rueben on July 5, 2007 - 2:25pm
Categories: Within the Walls

Now that Pretty Baby has been put to bed, we are left with only visual memories of great works from artists like Yoshimoto Nara and Anna Gaskell.

If, in fact, you missed out on the fantastic exhibition (or have yet to move on), you can still make haste to The Modern Shop and find pieces and reproductions by Yoshimoto Nara as well as other contemporary artists. And if the summer heat has made your car less than reliable, try shopping online at The Modern's website.

While online, remember to update your Myspace web page, and add The Modern on your buddy list as well. (You can find us here.) We're always updating with new information on exhibitions and new movies we present at the Magnolia at the Modern.

If you need some further insight on Pretty Baby's background, check out Lana's words two blogs below. They're both insightful and helpful as it gives great links to the artists' websites and works!