Tuesday Evening...
Posted by Casey on February 23, 2009 - 2:11pm
Categories: Within the Walls

Last Tuesday night, Jeff Elrod spoke for the Modern's Tuesday Evenings lecture series. Elrod is the artist currently featured in the FOCUS exhibition. The FOCUS exhibition spans over ten years of work for Elrod. He explained Tuesday night that he first creates drawings within photoshop and then transfers them to canvas by hand.

Elrod's work intrigues me, because in an age of technology and convience, his work is fairly labor-intensive. Each work is personal and autonomous (although, I can't say that they are completely autonomous). The curious thing about Elrod is that the basis for his works are first generation video games: astroids, pong, etc. Those games were the beginnings of a technologic revolution, but Elrod seems to be the stubborn man stuck in the 1970s. Elrod commented about his own embrace of outdated practices when he spoke of BitStreams, an exhibition of digital artwork at the Whitney in New York. He said that of the dozens of exhibiting artists he was the only one who continued to produce works upon canvas; he continued by saying that most of the other 2-dimensional artworks were prints. Elrod is somewhere between the two eras and in the realm of digital painting, which in my opinion is awesome.

You can see Elrod's work through almost the end of March, as his FOCUS exhibition closes on the 29th. Tomorrow evening's lector is Michael Smith, who I think represents another aspect within the technologic art realm, as he is a performance and video installation artist.

SO, you know where to be come 7pm tomorrow (psssst... the Modern auditorium).