Café Modern Catering FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our catering services

Q: Are we allowed to bring in an outside caterer? 
A: No, Café Modern must provide all food and beverages served at your event. The only exceptions are wedding cakes from a licensed bakery and favor gifts.

Q: Can we provide our own alcohol?
A: No, Café Modern provides all beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We can, however, order special wines, beer, or liquor with advance notice (based on availability).

Q: What time are we allowed to host an after-hours event?
A: This depends on the current museum schedule, but usually starts after 7:00 pm in the Café and 7:30 pm in the Grand Lobby. Contact the Catering Director for further information. Each party rental is for a minimum of four hours. Additional charges will apply for extended hours.

Q: Are we allowed to host a private lunch or an early afternoon event?
A: The only day allowed for private events before 5:00 pm is Monday. Since the museum is closed on Mondays, private lunches and early afternoon events can be hosted during the day.

Q: What time can we begin setup?
A: Set up can usually begin shortly after 5:00 pm. Since the museum closes at 5:00, no events are allowed to begin setup earlier than 5:00. However, a later setup start time may be based on the museum schedule. Please contact the Catering Director for further information.

Q: How long do we have for tear down and must it be completed immediately after the event?
A: All events must be cleaned up immediately. Any flowers must be picked up by the florist or taken by the client. All dance floors, staging, and any other non-museum furnishings must be removed from the building after the event. You are allowed one hour for clean up.

Q: Are you able to host wedding ceremonies?
A: Unfortunately, we are not able to host wedding ceremonies anywhere on museum property. Please contact the Catering Director for a list of local recommended ceremony venues.

Q: What are we able to use for a departure item?
A: Please contact the Catering Director for approval of your idea. We cannot allow rose petals, rice, confetti, or sparklers. Bubbles are allowed outside of the building.

Q: What type of event insurance do I need and where can I obtain it?
A: The museum requires a $1 million general liability policy. This insurance would protect the artwork, museum building, and property from any damage you, your guests, or your vendors may cause. A policy can be obtained two ways. You can add on an umbrella to your existing homeowner's policy or obtain a special events policy. A special events policy can be written at most insurance companies, or you can visit WedSafe ( for ceremony and reception insurance designed specifically for brides and grooms. A policy from WedSafe costs $195. Other insurance companies charge anywhere from $50–$1,000. Some homeowner’s policies can add umbrellas for no- or minimal-cost. 

Please note that your insurance must be for the day of the event. If your reception lasts past midnight, your policy must be made for the day of the event and the day after the event. In addition, make sure the museum’s name and address is noted on the policy: 
Café Modern/Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, 
3200 Darnell Street, 
Fort Worth, TX 76107.

Q: Does the museum have any decoration restrictions?
A: No balloons or confetti are allowed inside the museum. Nothing can be taped or attached to any wall, granite, or concrete flooring. Candles are only permitted in the Café Modern. All candles must be enclosed. No candles are allowed in the Lobby, the Café patio, or the Sculpture Garden.

Q: How much of a deposit is needed to hold our space?

A: To secure your event space, the room rental is due with a signed contract. For example, to rent the Café Modern space and Art Galleries, a deposit of $2,400 would be required. This first deposit is non-refundable. The catering deposits are due 90- and 30-days prior to your event.

Q: Will Café Modern staff cut our wedding cake or do we need to provide someone?
A: Café Modern staff can cut your wedding cake for no additional charge. We also provide glass plates, forks, and napkins.