Experimental Shorts - A Watchale Screening Event

Parallel Poster
  • Saturday February 10, 2024 3:00 PM

Experimental Shorts is a one hour matinee screening event presented by Watchale. The screening will showcase unique Texas short films that push the boundaries of the medium, expressing thoughts and emotions in unconventional ways. Enjoy a curated program of avant-garde shorts, including the in-person premiere of the latest Watchale film, PARALLEL.

The screening will be followed by a brief Q&A from all filmmakers present.

Film Lineup

Sheep - (1:49) dir. Dylan Vargas 
PANACEA - (6:09) dir. Bryce Saucier 
It’s A Cartoony Life - (2:33) dir. Levi Japhet 
Wires from Earth - (2:00) dir. Devynn Montoya 
Parallel - (10:20) by Watchale 
Esa Noche en Abril - (2:36) dir. Diego Martinez 
Flowers for Eva - (1:49) dir. David Garza 
Brace Yourself - (7:40) dir. James Owen 
Curiosity - (2:54) dir. Tito Contreras 
He (4:11) dir. Kayla Whittaker

Watchale is a Tejano film collective focused on telling stories that blur the lines between fact and fiction. For more information on the team and past events, visit www.watchaletx.com.