Thief, 1981

  • Tuesday July 10, 2018 7:00 PM

Thief, 1981
Michael Mann
122 Minutes 

At a time when thrillers have been devalued by the routine repetition of the same dumb chases, sex scenes, and gunfights, Thief is completely out of the ordinary. Roger Ebert

Based on the book The Home Invaders by Frank Hohimer, Michael Mann’s film follows a highly skilled jewel thief, Frank, who longs to leave his dangerous trade and settle down with his girlfriend, Jessie. Eager to make one last big score in order to begin living a legitimate life, Frank reluctantly associates with Leo, a powerful gangster. Unfortunately for Frank, Leo wants to keep him in his employ, resulting in a tense showdown when he finally tries to give up his criminal activities once and for all.

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