Your Name

  • Saturday September 01, 2018 5:00 PM

Your Name (2016)
A film by Makoto Shinkai
PG, 112 minutes

From director Makoto Shinkai, the innovative mind behind Voices of a Distant Star and 5 Centimeters per Second, comes a beautiful masterpiece about time, the thread of fate, and the hearts of two young souls. The highest-grossing anime film of all time worldwide, Your Name tells the poignant story of a teenage boy and girl as they embark on a quest to meet each other in person for the first time after they have been magically swapping bodies. 

Inspired by the exhibition TAKASHI MURAKAMI: THE OCTOPUS EATS ITS OWN LEG, the Modern presents one classic and five recent critically acclaimed anime feature films and a selection of short films chosen by the Japan Society of New York. Join us as we celebrate the Japanese anime genre with films all visually stunning, richly imaginative, and poetic in their storytelling.

Screenings will be held in the Modern’s auditorium. Tickets are $10, $9 for Modern members, $7 for Modern Reel People members, and $5 for children under 12. Tickets are available beginning at 10 am, Tuesday, August 7, at or by visiting the Modern’s admission desk during operating hours.

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The Modern is deeply grateful to Dr. Marc Hairston for his counsel in the selection of the films for this series. Dr. Hairston will introduce and discuss the films at every screening.

A scientist who researches space weather using the Coupled Ion Neutral Dynamic Investigation (CINDI), a satellite that studies how neutral gas motions and charged particle motions are related, Dr. Hairston is also interested in the scholarly study of anime and manga and is on the board of editors of Mechademia, the first English-language academic journal addressing these topics. He and Dr. Pamela Gossin at the University of Texas at Dallas regularly teach courses examining the themes of science fiction and fantasy in anime and manga, specifically focusing on individual anime creators such as Miyazaki, Shinkai, Hosoda, and Takahata.

Q&A via Skype immediately following the screening:

Stephanie Sheh is a voice actress, voice director, ADR writer, and casting director. She voiced Mitsuha Miyamizu in Makoto Shinkai's hit anime movie Your Name.  Recently she voiced Yuho in Masaaki Yuasa's Lu Over the Wall. Stephanie's probably most well-known to anime fans as the voice of Sailor Moon in the current VIZ Media Release of Sailor Moon, as well as Hinata in Naruto, Orihime in Bleach, Yui in Sword Art Online, Kuro in Blue Exorcist, and Mineva in Gundam Unicron. Stephanie is returning to voice Eureka in Funimation's release of the upcoming Eureka 7 movies. Stephanie has many voice credits in video games, most notably Tharja in the Fire Emblem series,  
In between voice jobs Stephanie casts, directs, and writes. She cast Batman Ninja for Warner Bros, the web series Hanazuki for Hasbro, and Little Big Awsome for Amazon. She's the voice director for the OAV series Gundam The Origin as well as the gritty Gundam Thunderbolt.

Michael Tremain Sinterniklaas  is a voice actor, ADR director and script writer who has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series, as well as video games and cartoons. He has worked for Studiopolis, Funimation, 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, Bandai Entertainment, Viz Media and Media Blasters. He is the founder and owner of NYAV Post, a Bi-coastal studio located in New York City and Los Angeles, which dubbed many different anime titles and recorded several original prelay works. He is best known for his roles as Leonardo in 2003 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dean Venture in The Venture Bros, and Taki Tachibana of the highest-grossing Japanese anime film of all time, Your Name.