Modern Contemporaries

Modern Contemporaries touring an exhibition with the curator

The Modern Contemporaries

Can be added to memberships at the Associate level and above.

As the emerging supporters of the Museum, the Modern Contemporaries contribute energy and vitality to the Modern, all while enjoying an inspiring and unexpected slate of educational, cultural, and social activities. Modern Contemporaries members represent a variety of interests and backgrounds and are essential in shaping the future of the Museum.

Modern Contemporaries members (ages 21–40) receive unparalleled access to thought-provoking exhibitions, unique interactions with curators and expert staff, immersive offsite experiences with local art and artists, and an outstanding season of both virtual and in-person events. The Modern Contemporaries are the future leaders of the Museum, and their participation and support contribute to the vibrancy of the Modern’s culture and preserves its role as a cherished institution in the city of Fort Worth.

Modern Contemporaries members receive:

  • Members (21 to 40 years old) receive invitations to special events, including studio art workshops, gallery tours led by Museum curators, and studio visits with working artists.

 For more information, please call 817.840.2170 or email the membership department.