Part-Time Gallery Attendant

Job Title
Part-Time Gallery Attendant

Reports To
Director of Security

Job Overview
Provides a visual security presence in the Museum galleries or lobby and remains constantly alert to issues to protect visitors and art. Helps assure that Museum visitors have a pleasant experience by being a welcoming, friendly presence and providing visitors with assistance, directions, and information as needed. Evening and weekend work may be required. Gallery Attendant positions work between 20 and 29 hours per week. 

Major Performance Indicators
•    Presents a professional image at all times in accordance with established dress and appearance guidelines
•    Stays alert at all times within the assigned area for issues that might endanger the visitors, staff, art, or building and takes action or notifies Security Office staff of issues as needed
•    Demonstrates a responsible attitude and awareness of security issues
•    Consistently demonstrates a high level of customer service skills with friendly, pleasant, tactful, and courteous encounters with visitors, especially visitors who must be reminded of Museum regulations. Discourtesy to visitors is grounds for immediate dismissal.
•    Dependability, good attendance, and punctuality are essential. 
•    Returns from breaks and lunch and answers radio calls on a timely basis
•    Demonstrates a cooperative, team-oriented attitude and manner with other Security staff, Security Supervisors and Managers, and other Museum staff
•    Consistently has a neat and professional appearance in accordance with Museum and Security guidelines
•    Maintains confidential information, including information about the art, artists, security, and other sensitive information

Responsibilities and Duties
•    Monitors an assigned area of the Museum and stays constantly alert to protect visitors, staff, art, and the building. Discreetly and non-intrusively monitors visitors in order to avoid damage, either intentional or accidental, to the art and building. Takes action or notifies a Security Supervisor of any problems or issues as needed.
•    As a highly visible representative of the Museum, helps assure that Museum visitors have a pleasant experience by smiling when seeing visitors enter a gallery or when making eye contact with visitors and being careful not to appear to follow a visitor in the galleries. In the lobby, greets visitors with a cheerful, welcoming manner. 
•    Courteously provides visitors with assistance, information, and directions as needed.
•    Tactfully, discreetly, and courteously speaks with visitors who do not comply with Museum policies.  
•    Continuously observes the art and building and identifies and reports safety hazards, suspicious behavior, potential problems, or any irregularities to a Security Supervisor.
•    May control access to the building and patrol the Museum to check for fire/safety hazards or unusual situations. Reports any issues and responds as needed and/or directed.
•    May work during special events to patrol the Museum and grounds and report irregularities.
•    May help maintain daily attendance count and may scan tickets at entrance to the galleries.
•    Assists with documenting any incident related to visitors, staff, or artwork.
•    Must be familiar with and understand the Museum’s Emergency Action Plan and evacuation procedures and carry out emergency procedures as necessary.
•    Assists in securing the Museum according to procedures at the end of operating hours.
•    May assist in the coat check area as needed.
•    Performs other duties as directed.

•    Excellent interpersonal and public relations skills with a friendly, personable manner
•    Good verbal communication skills
•    A neat, clean appearance
•    Interest and knowledge of contemporary art is helpful
•    Ability to remain alert and observant over a long period of time
•    High school diploma plus two to three years prior work experience, preferably in a security or customer service job
•    Ability to stand for long periods of time

To apply: Please submit resume information to our online application here.