Betty Buckley's "Story Songs"

  • June 19, 2012 7:30 PM

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and legendary Broadway star Betty Buckley, present two benefit concerts featuring her recent Song Interpretation Workshop participants. Over recent months, Ms. Buckley has assisted aspiring artists, educators, and experienced performers in honing the craft of singing, acting and storytelling, culminating in these concerts.

Story Songs includes music from classic and contemporary Broadway Shows. Featured performers will be Macy Crowe, Angela Davis, Kristi Dodge, Kirsten Gallon, Marjorie Hayes, Terri Lynn Kavanaugh, Kendal Lannin, Tiffany Morgan, Willene Owens, Miranda Willis and James Worley. Musical director and pianist is Adam Wright.

A portion of the proceeds from the concerts will benefit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

For tickets and reservations, contact the Museum's admission desk at 817-738-9215. 
Tickets are $20, and seating is limited.

Ms. Buckley presented the first Story Songs concert in January 2009 and again in March 2011 featuring workshop participants to rave reviews. Mark Lowry's review celebrates, "The results, we must say, were heavenly." And Perry Stewart said, "The ideal plan would be to extend the run of Story Songs, or better yet, take this sublimely entertaining show on the road."

Ms. Buckley shares her expertise for telling stories in song and guides her students through a teaching philosophy that facilitates audience connection through songs and monologues. Her emotional connection to songs and audiences is world renowned, and that very connection is at the heart of what Ms. Buckley imparts to her students. Having been a teacher for over 40 years, Ms. Buckley teaches regularly in Fort Worth as well as workshops in Los Angeles, New York, and around the country.