Framing Desire in Music

  • May 16, 2015 2:00 PM

Sounds Modern presents Framing Desire in Music, a concert of recent works in which composers express their longing, sentimental and magical, for an unattainable and distant reality. The program includes works that celebrate particular people and places – and especially beloved pieces of music that composers refer to (even incorporate), reframing them much as photographs and video reframe and reinforce elements of the visual world. These musical acts of sympathetic magic provide a sonic dimension to the Modern’s exhibition Framing Desire.

Sounds Modern, the brainchild of renowned virtuoso flutist Elizabeth McNutt, is a vibrant and exciting concert series featuring contemporary music that makes the works on display in the Modern galleries come alive in the concert hall. McNutt is the director of UNT’s contemporary music ensemble Nova and co-director of the new music organization Atomic Clock Music Events. Admission is free.

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