Shore Island and Chelonia: An Afternoon Concert of Clarinet and Piano Music

  • December 22, 2018 2:30 PM

Join us for an afternoon of music, washed and rinsed by inspired visuals! 

Jovian Chamber Project: 
Yi-Wen Chen / clarinet
Sheng-Hsin Lin / clarinet
I-Hsin Kate Kang / piano

Visiting friends: 
Eric Chiang / artist
Yuan-Chen Li / composer and pianist

Newly minted Dallas/FW-based Jovian Chamber Project is presenting an afternoon of New Music about the earth and the ocean. Energetic sounds of creatures, nature, and life of the continent are found in Paul Richards' "Magic Forest Scenes"with his eclectic voice; Morton Feldman's "Nature Pieces" with abstract sonorities; Sheng-Hsin Lin's arrangement of the long-time favorite folksongs for the group. 

Yuan-Chen Li's "Shore, Island, and Chelonia" is a multi-media performance written for clarinet and piano. Surrounded by visual artist Eric Chiang's mesmerizing paintings, the piece includes a recording of dolphins' calls in the Pacific Ocean! 

Don't miss the opportunity to interact with arts and sound on stage. 

Doors open at 2PM, Performance at 2:30PM