Sounds Modern

  • June 29, 2024 2:00 PM

Sounds Modern presents Surreal Rhythms: music to celebrate Surrealism and Us.

Inspired by the vibrant transcultural fusion of the Modern’s exhibition Surrealism and Us, Sounds Modern has curated a concert of three works that weave Afro-Caribbean and European musical threads together into new and vivid tapestries of sound. Recent Dallas Symphony composer-in-residence Angelica Negrón refers to the Puerto Rican bomba, a dance style with African roots, in Quimbombo – which is also the name of a classic stewed okra dish. Pulitzer prize winner Tania León’s Tres Voces finds unity within dissonance and disconnection, bringing echoes of Latin rhythms into an avant-garde musical language. Julius Eastman’s Stay On It explores individual expression in community, driven by the intensity of a Cuban son clave rhythm.