Sounds Modern

  • June 29, 2024 2:00 PM

Sounds Modern presents Surreal Rhythms: music to celebrate Surrealism and Us.

Inspired by the vibrant transcultural fusion of the Modern’s exhibition Surrealism and Us, Sounds Modern has curated a concert of three works that weave Afro-Caribbean and European musical threads together into new and vivid tapestries of sound. Recent Dallas Symphony composer-in-residence Angelica Negrón refers to the Puerto Rican bomba, a dance style with African roots, in Quimbombo – which is also the name of a classic stewed okra dish. Pulitzer prize winner Tania León’s Tres Voces finds unity within dissonance and disconnection, bringing echoes of Latin rhythms into an avant-garde musical language. Julius Eastman’s Stay On It explores individual expression in community, driven by the intensity of a Cuban son clave rhythm.

This is a free event!

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Our final concert of the season features performers including Sarah Ruth Alexander, Mike Capone, Mia Detwiler, Matthew Frerck, Stephen Lucas, Andrew May, Elizabeth McNutt, Mel Mobley, Kourtney Newton, and Patrick Overturf.