Sounds Modern: Echo or Agent? The Mirror of Disembodied Sound

  • April 15, 2023 2:00 PM

Free admission

From the early days of radio to the most sophisticated interactive computer music, sound coming from loudspeakers has always raised disconcerting questions: what is real, what is imaginary? what comes from the physical world, what is purely electronic? is there someone or something listening and responding to us? All of these questions have only grown in complexity with new technologies. Sounds Modern’s concert Echo or Agent? will reflect the artistic possibilities explored in the Modern’s current exhibition, I’ll Be Your Mirror, through musical works in which disembodied sound reframes the relationships between instruments, voices, and environment, as well as between composers, performers, and audience. The mirror of disembodied sound coming from loudspeakers complements the visual mirrors of screens and cameras, framing new relationships between people in a world where our senses of reality, presence, and communication are constantly questioned.