Andrea Karnes

Do women paint themselves and one another differently? “Women artists look beyond the ideal beauty — the archetype,” Andrea Karnes declares. In doing so, they create a portfolio of new archetypes. Susan Stamberg, NPR, Art Where You’re At, May 12, 2022

Andrea Karnes, the Modern’s Chief Curator, offers a final send-off for this summer’s popular, thoughtful, and expansive exhibition Women Painting Women. The show closes on Sunday, September 25, making this Tuesday Evening presentation an opportunity for insights into the exhibition’s premise and observations made throughout its run.

To broaden her take on Women Painting Women, Karnes is joined by selected artists featured in the exhibition as they discuss personal contributions and the conversations that ensued among various works. This exhibition has made a valuable contribution to the discourse of painting, and its special consideration of the work of 46 women artists painting female and femme subjects offers a new lens through which to view the field.

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